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Choose the type of quote you want to create

Make the choice of a type of quotation(with or without VAT) by clicking on one of the two buttons below. You will have access to a free form allowing you to create the quote you want

Work with VAT.

Create a new quote without VAT
Create a new quote without VAT
Create a new quote with VAT
Create a new quote with VAT

To assist you in using our software, you have access to a lLaflet.

The benefits of having an account

  • Not have to retype in each document, your information (name, address, No. Siret, ...)
  • Customize VAT rate
  • Able to insert your logo
  • Power save your customers
  • Keep your quotes / invoices, keep track and customize
  • Change quote in invoice
  • And many other things ...

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Completely free and only takes a minute

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