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Help : Parameters

The menu

From the menu above, you can access the feature "settings". For example, if you place your mouse on the "settings" button (arrow #1), a menu opens and allows you to access more features. In our case, it allows us to access:
          - Preferences (arrow #2)
          - Your company (arrow #3)
          - Your account (arrow #4)

My profile

On this screen, you can enter all the information about your company. Most of this information will be used later in quotes and invoices you print. It is therefore important that you complete this form carefully.

My account

In this page, you can choose whether you want to charge with or without VAT. A radio button is present for this purpose to make your choice. A validation button is located below to save your invoicing method.


In the preferences, you can select the number from which you want to number your quotes and invoices and payments. For advanced users, another text field allows you to choose a custom number format.
                     You can also set the default text you want to display at the end of your quotes and invoices and create a custom footer.

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