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Aide : les mouvements

Le menu

From the menu above, you can access the functionality "Movements". For example, if you place your mouse on the "Movements" button (arrow #1), a menu opens and allows you to access more features. In our case, it allows us to access:
         - to the list of movements (arrow #2)
         - your stock (arrow #3)

Liste des mouvements

The page has a button to create a new expense and a summary of the various movements.
The list of changes about a quote or invoice. The columns of the table are:
- the number
- the date
- the label
- the amount credited
- the amount charged
- VAT (if applicable)

Add an expense (debit)

Fromthe page movements, you have a button on the top right of the picture of financial flows to add an expense.

Add a payment (credit)

Receipt of payments made ​​since quotes or invoices. A payment must be attached to a quote or invoice. Once quotes or invoices with updated "sent" status, it is possible to add a payment.

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