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Help: Invoices

The menu

From the menu above, you can access the functionality "invoice". For example, if you place your mouse over the "invoices" button (arrow #1), a menu opens and allows you to access more features. In our case, it allows us to access:
         - the list of invoices (arrow #2)
         - directly create a new invoice (arrow #3)

List of invoices

The screen listing all your invoice, you can have a global view of all charges made, ongoing, and future.

The page has a button to create a new invoice (arrow #1) and a summary (arrow #2).
         The items shown in the table are:
          - The document number
          - The date
          - The name of the attached customer
          - The title of the invoice
          - The status
          - The amount
          - A button to see the detail (arrow 3)
          - A button to view the quote PDF
          - A button to perform a deletion if the status is "draft"
          - A button to record a payment if the status is "charged" or "partially paid"

Each column in the table is sortable by simply clicking on the title. At the top left, there is also a text field to do a quick search in the content of documents.

An export button (arrow #4) lets you lets you download you file in Excel format that summarizes all data in the table displayed in the page.

Create an invoice

To create an invoice, several solutions are to you.
The first solution is to create a new invoice via the application menu. This invoice will be blank and you have to fill all fields.
The second solution is to create a new invoice from the list of invoices
The third solution is to create an invoice from a quote. This option is available on the detail page of the estimate and is active as soon as the quote has a status of "partially accepted" or "accepted".
The fourth option is to create an invoice by copying an existing invoice. This option is available on the detail page of the invoice copy.

Access the details of an invoice

From the list of invoices, you can click on the glass.

Edit an invoice

From the list of invoices by clicking on the glass, you can edit an existing invoice if it has draft status. Once an invoice number is created, it is no longer editable is accessible only viewing.
However, if this invoice is the latest to have been numbered, you can go back by clicking the "cancel" button.

Create number of invoice

On the detail page of an invoice, the "send and number" numbered the invoice. The fact of the invoice numbering allows you to have a printer as well as receive a copy by email invoice.

Print invoice

From the list of invoices, you can get a printable version of the invoice by clicking on the PDF icon.

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