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Help : Quote

The menu

From the menu above, you can access the functionality "quotation". For example, if you place your mouse on the "quote" button (arrow #1), a menu opens and allows you to access more features. In our case, it allows us to access:
          - To the list of specifications (arrow #2)
          - Directly create a new quote (arrow #3)

List of quotes

The screen listing all your quotes, you can get an overall view of all sales proposals past, present or future.

The page has a button to create a new quote (arrow #1) and a summary (arrow #2).
         The items shown in the table are:
          - The document number
          - The date
          - The name of the attached client
          - The title quote
          - The status
          - The amount
          - The deposit requested
          - A button to see the detail (arrow #3)
          - A button to view the quote PDF
          - A button to perform a deletion if the status is "draft"
          - A button to record a payment if the status is "sent" or "partially signed"

Each column in the table is sortable by simply clicking on the title. At the top left, there is also a text field to do a quick search in the content of documents.

An export button (arrow #4) lets you lets you download you file in Excel format that summarizes all data in the table displayed in the page.

Access the details of a quote

From the list of quotes (above), you can click on the glass (arrow #3).

The form for creating quotes

The form consists of several parts:
          - A header part and customer
          - Some services
         - A method of payment and some comments

The most important element of the first part is on the customer. It is essential to know who sent the document.
         To enter a client you have two possibilities:
          - Search through your existing customers from their name
          - Add a new

The second part is the array of services. Each line delivery may contain a description, unit price, quantity and VAT if you charge.
         At any time you reorganize your lines or by moving, either by removing or adding either. It is also possible to create separate categories for different tasks.

The last part shows the payment and allows you to write additional information or enter a short accompanying message.

The different statuses a quote

Here are the different status can have a quote:
      - Draft: This status indicates that your document is editable.
      - Sent: this status indicates that you have completed editing your quote and you want a printable version send to your client. A number of estimates have been generated. From this status, the estimate is not printable.
      - Partially signed: this status is based on the payments recorded in the deposit. If the deposit is sent by the client less than the edition of quotes requested in the deposit then the application assumes that the client has accepted only part of the quote.
     - Signed this statute uses the same principle as the status partially signed but must match the deposit paid the deposit requested.
      - Rejected: This status is displayed if the client has declined your proposal.

Save a quote

To save a quote, it must be first attached a client. Otherwise, you will receive the error message below.

The backup is done using the "save" button. This saves the current state and continue editing the quote later. The "save" button is only used when the quote is new or has the status "draft".

Edit a quote

From the list of specifications, click on the glass, you can modify an existing quote if the draft status. Once a quote number is created, it is no longer editable is accessible only viewing.
However, if the quote is the last to have been numbered, you can go back by clicking the "cancel dialing" button.

Delete a quote

You can perform a deletion from the list of quotes, or from using the edit.

Create a quote number

On the detail page of a quote, the "print" button automatically dials the quote if it has not already been numbered for the first time and gives you a printable PDF version.
The "print" button also switches the status of the quote status "sent".

Having a printable quote

From the list of quotes, you can get a printable version of the quote by clicking on the PDF icon if the status of the estimate is greater than or equal to the status "sent".

It is also possible to print a quote by accessing the "detail" page and clicking on the "print" button
If you are in status "draft" and want to continue to edit your quote directory you can click on the "preview" button to see a preview of the document.

add a payment

From the status "sent", it is possible to add a payment.

Transformer un devis en facture

Once the quote has status "partially paid" or "paid", it is possible to transform it into an invoice from a single click.
     This button is available on the page editing / details of each quote.

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