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Help : homepage

Welcome to the help of CESTLO.

The menu

From the menu above, you can access all the features of the software. For example, if you place your mouse over the "Home" button (arrow #1), a menu opens and allows you to access more features. In our case, it allows us to access:
  - The dashboard (arrow #2)
  - To the home page of your personal space, secured by a password (arrow #3)
  - The "public"
homepage of CESTLO (arrow #4).

Create account

You can create an account from several locations:
  - From the homepage
.   - From any page via the links at the bottom of the page
.   - From our live demo (link at top of page)
.   - Directly by clicking on this link "Create account".

The form has three input fields:
  - A login field. As login, you must choose an email address. This can be used to send you a new password in case of loss of it.
  - A password field.   - A field to confirm your password.
  After entering your credentials, you will be redirected to a wizard that allows you to configure in detail how you want to create quotes and invoices.

Log in

You can connect from various pages:
  - From the homepage.
  - From any page that requires authentication. If the application sees that you are not authenticated, it will ask you to enter your information to login.
  - Directly by clicking on this link "Log in".

The form consists of two text boxes:
  - Your email.
  - Password.
  Once connected, you will be redirected to the home page of your personal space.

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